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To get started, just browse through our displayed listings above and click on any Woodland arrowhead that you are interested in. After clicking, you will be taken to the item page which will contain more details about the arrowhead, including history and other important information. Always read the description of the arrowhead carefully, so you will know exactly what you are buying.

You can also find Woodland arrowheads for sale at other places. Try contacting archeologist and excavators in your area and asking them if they know anyone who is looking to sell some of their Woodland pieces. Sometimes you can find exactly what you are looking for and even meet some new contacts in the process. These contacts can be very helpful in your arrowhead collection hobby.

About Woodland Arrowheads

Woodland arrowheads have been found to come in a variety of sizes, shapes, construction, and design. As with all arrowheads, you should look closely at these features. Though, the most commonly used material for Woodland arrowheads appears to be flint.

When collecting Woodland arrowheads, be sure to catalog your pieces correctly, including important information such as date and history. These kinds of arrowheads can date back thousands of years, so it’s important to keep good records with them. If records aren’t kept, you can lose all the information an arrowhead has when it is traded.

The Woodland period was from about 1000 BC to 1000 AD. During this time, many new stone tools were developed and created, such as spears, hand-tools, and arrowheads. The primary hunting weapon during this time was the spear and atlas.

Woodland arrowheads are great artifacts to add to your collection. They are some of the oldest of the old when it comes to Native American arrowheads, which as you know is a good thing for a collector!