Tips For Hunting Arrowheads

It should without saying that arrowheads can be acquired in two different ways - you can either buy them, or you can go out for hunting for arrowheads. Unfortunately, most beginners simply don't know where to start when it comes to arrowhead hunting. Along with a little bit of luck, you need to follow a few basic rules in order to have success. Here we'll take a look at some important tips that are guaranteed to give you more success when hunting for arrowheads.

creekBefore you start, it's important to realize that you aren't always going to have success hunting for arrowheads. In fact, more often than not you'll come away empty-handed. Sometimes you can go out and easily find an area that has a dozen or more arrowheads scattered around, but other times you can scour the landscape for hours and find nothing. If you're having trouble finding arrowheads, follow these tips increase your chances of success on your next hunt.

If you've ever found an arrowhead before, then you know how exciting it is when you first spot it. It's that excitement and sense of reward that brings so many people to the hobby. Who knows, spending an hour hunting around a creek could yield a valuable Paleo arrowhead. Of course arrowhead hunting also brings you into the wild, covering fields, streams, lakes and mountains, which is another benefit to the hobby.

Legality of Arrowhead Hunting

If you plan on hunting for arrowheads, it's important that you always abide by the local laws and regulations. Many beginners fail to familiarize themselves on the legality of arrowhead hunting and as such, they're at risk of being fined or even sent to jail. To prevent such catastrophes from happening to you, make sure that you're following all of the local laws governing your hunting grounds.

No matter what you intend on hunting for arrowheads at, never go on private land without the owners permission. There's a little thing called "trespassing" in all 50 states that makes it illegal to venture onto someone's private property without their permission. If there's a piece of land you want to hunt on, don't be afraid to ask the owner if they mind. After all, the worse they could say is no.

When you're out hunting for arrowheads, be sure to pick up after yourself and don't leave trash behind. If you are going out hunting for the day, bring a plastic bag with you to dispose of your trash in. Also, if you make a fire, put it out with a small amount of water before you leave. These are small things that go a long ways in preserving the integrity of the nature around us.

Government Land and Reservations

Some of the hottest arrowhead hunting locations are located on government land and Native American reservations. State parks and national forests are littered with ancient artifacts from the past. Unfortunately, it's illegal to take any arrowheads you find off the grounds. While there's certainly nothing wrong with admiring the artifacts on Native American reservations of government land, you aren't allowed to take them.

Where To Look For Arrowheads

If you ask some of the top hunters where the best place to look for arrowheads is, they'll probably all tell you something different. With that said, you're generally going to have the best luck hunting for arrowheads in locations where you know or think they are. Visit the local library or browse some websites and try to find land where Native Americans lived on. If you can't find any, try asking other collectors that you know. This can often lead you to areas filled with Native American arrowheads. Remember, though, you can only hunt on land once you have the owners permission.

Even if there's no history of Native Americans living on an land, you may still have luck finding arrowheads there. Look in spots like fields, streams, rivers, dirt roads and rocky areas. One of my favorite areas are dried up creek beds where washed up rocks and debris are left out in the open. If you can find one, search it very carefully to look for any possible arrowheads and artifacts.

How To Spot Arrowheads

Spotting arrowheads is more difficult than you may think. Because they look similar to the rocks surrounding them, many hunters overlook them. The trick to successfully finding arrowheads is to slowly scan every square foot of the ground area where you're hunting. Keep your eyes peeled for any object that's shaped like a traditional arrowhead. Some of the noticeable characteristics of arrowheads include sharp edges, triangular shape and flaked surfaces. Once you're done scanning the ground in one spot, move on to the next on your list of hunting grounds.

In addition to arrowheads, you may also come across other Native American artifacts during your hunt. Some of the other items commonly found during arrowhead hunts include:

  • Pottery
  • Stone tools
  • Hammerheads
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Parts of old Native American clothing

Arrowhead hunting takes a good eye, skill, patience,and even a good bit of good luck. With that said, it's a fun hobby that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and possibly come away with some nice pieces for your collection.

Video of Arrowhead Hunting in West Kentucky