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About Roman Arrowheads

Roman arrowheads are quite unique compared to other arrowheads you may be familiar with. One feature you will notice is the shape and how they are constructed. Roman arrowheads typically have more of a diamond or leaf-life shape than Native American arrowheads. This shape allowed for a lighter, more versatile arrow.

Another feature you may notice with Roman arrowheads is that they are usually constructed with metal, rather than stone or flint. Some of the most commonly used metals for Roman arrowheads are bronze and iron. By using these metals, the arrowheads become stronger and less prone to being broken.

For a collector, Roman arrowheads are a great piece to add to your collection. They are unique with a rich history and are quite rare to find. If you do come across some in your collection, take the time to document and catalog them properly to help ensure they keep their quality and value.

Roman arrowheads were used by the Roman empire thousands of years ago. Although the construction and design varied greatly throughout the years, many of them were made with metals. Still today, people hunt and collect these Roman arrowheads. Be sure to check out our listings above for some of the top deals on Roman arrowheads for sale!