Paleo Arrowheads For Sale

Paleo Arrowheads For Sale

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The Paleo Period

The Paleo period, or old stone age, refers to the prehistoric era in which the first set of stone tools was invented, hence the name – stone age. The beginning of this period started around 2.5 million years ago and ended around 12,000 BC.

During the Paleo period, people generally stayed together in small groups of hunters and gatherers. This structure of society allowed them to gather or hunt for food and move on to another location to survive.

The tools that were created during the Paleo period consisted of stone tools including arrowheads, axes, scrapers, hammers, and many others. The most basic tools found from this time were points and hand axes. As the years progressed, so did the level of detail in the tools. Although they were basic, they were also a major advancement in technology for the human race.

About Paleo Arrowheads

Paleo arrowheads are some of the oldest of the old when it comes to arrowheads. Being that they are so old, it can add to both the value and the rarity of them. Remember, these arrowheads are from the stone age, which can date back millions of years ago. With our website, though, you should be able to access a large selection of Paleo arrowheads. So, go ahead and look around!