Ohio Arrowheads For Sale

About Ohio Arrowheads

The beautiful farm state of Ohio is known for more than just its delicious potatoes. It’s actually one of the top places for finding arrowheads and other Native American tools and artifacts. Many residents and hunters in Ohio have uncovered, or stumbled upon, arrowheads throughout the state.

One lucky farmer realized just how many artifacts and Ohio arrowheads were on his land when he called in archeologists to help excavate the land. He hit the mother load on his land, uncovering thousands of tools, arrowheads, and artifacts all on his Ohio land. Researchers were shocked and amazed at not only the amount of artifacts found, but also the quality.

The funny thing is that he had been farming on that same land for nearly two decades without finding anything from the Native American culture. Once he started to really look for these artifacts, though, they seemed to pop up everywhere. This just goes to show you that taking the time to really observe the landscape pays off!

Ohio Arrowheads For Sale

Ohio arrowheads are a pretty common find, but you may still have some difficulty getting your hands on them. You can search the usual places like artifact trade shows, Native American stores, or any collector shows that you know of. Chances are they will have some arrowheads for sale at these places.

The Best Way To Find Ohio Arrowheads…

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