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Florida arrowheads are one of the more common types of arrowheads you will find. Being that they are so common, you can usually find them easily in many Native American shops and stores. If you’re ever in Florida, look for some of these Native American shops. There’s a good chance you can find a good selection of arrowheads there.

About Florida Arrowheads

The sunshine state of Florida is a treasure-trove of Native American artifacts and ancient arrowheads. The reason for this is simply because it had a high population of Native Americans. Even today, many Native Americans live and embrace their culture in Florida.

There were many different Native American tribes and cultures who crafted arrowheads in Florida. This led to countless variations and construction of the arrowhead. You will find they vary greatly in size, stone used, and fastening method.

There’s always excitement when it comes to finding your own arrowheads. If you want to go hunting for Florida arrowheads, try to find a current dig site around and ask the archaeologist or excavator if they will let you dig with them. A lot of times they will let guests come and dig, although they may charge a small fee. This is a great way to give you a real shot at finding some authentic arrowheads and it can build some longtime relationships with archaeologists in the area.

Florida arrowheads and other artifacts are popular collectibles. Whether you’re a longtime arrowhead collector or someone just starting, you should have some of these in your collection.