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If you’re feeling lucky, you can always go on the hunt for Dalton arrowheads. Depending on where you live, you may just have a shot at finding some. Artifacts from the Dalton people have been found throughout the U.S., especially in the middle states. But, because of their rarity, the odds of finding them blindly can be pretty low.

About Dalton Arrowheads

Dalton point arrowheads are one of the most sought after arrowheads for a collector. Because of their rarity, finding them can oftentimes be difficult, but they are a great addition to any arrowhead collection.

Much like the Clovis point arrowheads, the Dalton pint arrowheads are some of the oldest you can find in existence, dating back to nearly 10,000 years ago. The arrowheads were made by one of the oldest known Indian American cultures called the Dalton people. They were given the name of Dalton after a man named Sidna Dalton, who uncovered many dig sites containing artifacts from the ancient culture.

The arrowheads created by the Dalton people have some unique characteristics that separate them from others. For one, their arrowheads tend to be much thinner than arrowheads created by other cultures. Another feature that you may notice is their leaf-like shape. In addition, the Dalton points are made using the flaking method, which gives it the “grooves” on each side. You may also notice that some Dalton points have serrated edges, much like a steak knife. While not all of the Dalton points have serrated edges, the ones that do are extra sharp.

The Dalton Culture

It’s hard to fully understand cultures that are as old as the Dalton people, but archeologists and historians over the years have came up with some conclusions. It is believed that they existed around the time the last ice age ended, around 8000 BC. They lived in the usual hunter-gatherer society, spending the majority of their time finding food and building shelters.

The tools used by the Dalton culture were similar to the tools of the stone age, consisting of spears, arrowheads, and flaking tools.