Clovis Point Arrowheads For Sale

What Are Clovis Point Arrowheads?

One of the things that makes arrowheads so diverse and unique is the fact that they were made by a number of civilizations from all around the world. With so many different cultures and groups of people making their own arrowheads, the different designs and construction of arrowheads are practically endless. As an arrowhead collector, you will probably notice how it’s almost impossible to find two arrowheads that are identical.

Clovis point arrowheads were made by one particular culture known as the Clovis Indians. Their arrowheads have certain distinctive features that make them stand out from the rest, which makes them a great addition to anyone’s collection.

One prominent feature you will notice about many of the the Clovis point arrowheads is that they have a rather unique shape, typically being much longer than your traditional arrowheads and having less of a triangle shape. The average length of one is usually around 4 to 5 inches long, which is pretty long for an arrowhead. Being that they are so unique, once you’ve seen a few Clovis point arrowheads, you should be able to identify them quite easily.

Another feature you may notice about Clovis point arrowheads is that they are typically thinner than other arrowheads. This is because they were constructed by using a “flaking” technique, where each side is sharpened down. In turn, this leads to a thinner, but sharp arrowhead.

The Clovis Culture

It’s always exciting to learn about ancient cultures and the Clovis culture is no exception. The Clovis Indians were one of the oldest known American Indian cultures, dating back to nearly 14,000 years ago! They were given the name “Clovis” after Clovis, New Mexico where some of the first artifacts were found back in 1929.

Collecting Clovis Point Arrowheads

Clovis point arrowheads are some of the most prized pieces a collector can find. The fact that they come from one of the oldest known Indian American cultures most certainly adds to both the value of it to a collector, and the price someone is willing to pay for it. In fact, Clovis point arrowheads that have remained in good condition can be worth several hundred dollars.

It’s always good when you can say that you have the oldest of the old when it comes to ancient arrowheads. The Clovis point arrowhead can definitely fit into this category. If you’re a serious collector, or just want to add to your current collection, you should look for some of these types of arrowheads. Their rarity and age should keep the demand for them high, and give you some nice bragging rights if you own them.