Authentic Arrowheads For Sale

Still on the hunt for authentic arrowheads? Unfortunately, finding authentic arrowheads for sale can be a difficult task, as some stores and merchants sell replicas made to look like the real thing. While replicas are fine for novelty purposes, serious collectors and enthusiasts desire only 100% authentic arrowheads, which is where we come into play; our website features one of the largest selections of arrowheads for sale. Check out our listings above for some great deals on authentic arrowheads and more.

About Authentic Arrowheads

Civilizations from around the world have crafted arrowheads for thousands of years to produce leathal hunting weapons. From the Native Americans to the ancient European civilizations, people everywhere used them in their daily life. Now, though, authentic arrowheads are collected more for hobby and enjoyment rather than use as a hunting tool.

As you can expect, authentic arrowheads vary greatly depending on who crafted them. Some of the notable differences between them are the size, shape, stone or material it’s made of and the method it connects to the arrow. Since there are so many types of arrowheads, finding two that look completely identical is almost impossible.

If you are feeling creative, you can make your own arrowhead jewelry with a few basic pieces. It’s actually quite simple and a lot of fun to make. Just start with a traditional leather necklace strap and work the arrowhead into the center of it. A quick internet search will reveal more thorough step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this.

Tips on Collecting Authentic Arrowheads

When collecting authentic arrowheads, you’ll want to pay attention to a few things. First, always try to determine how old any arrowhead is that you’re considering to buy. Another important piece of information to know is the location from which it was found. Even if you found it in your backyard, you should still write this down in your catalog.

One of the questions I get asked a lot by beginners is “How do I know if an arrowhead is authentic or not?” During your first few years of collecting, this may be difficult, as some of the replicas look very similar to authentic arrowheads. Try to familiarize yourself with the methods and techniques used in authentic arrowheads and then compare them to replicas. Typically, replicas have lines and and flaking that looks manufactured and unnatural.

You can find authentic arrowheads for sale and trade at a number of different places. One of the best places to look for authentic arrowheads for sale is on eBay, since people use their auction site for buying and selling. You can really find some great deals on authentic arrowheads doing so, rather than buying them from a collector’s store. With that said, a true collector should never leave any rock unturned when it comes to looking for authentic arrowheads. Check out any arrowhead store, Native American gift shop or trade show you come across. You never know when you will find some new gems to add to your collection!