Arrowhead Display Cases For Sale

About Arrowhead Display Cases

It’s important to take care of your arrowheads and store them properly to ensure they stay protected. One of the best ways to do this is by using an arrowhead display case. This will help protect them from dust, dirt, and other pollutants that can potentially damage your arrowheads. In addition, it also allows you to view your arrowheads anytime you please, since most arrowhead display cases have a glass front.

I Wish I Had Stored My Arrowheads in a Case…

Back when I was about 13 years old and started my first arrowhead collection, I didn’t know too much about the hobby. Unfortunately, this also meant that I didn’t know how to keep my arrowheads protected. I probably had about a dozen old Native American arrowheads just placed on the top of a bookcase in my room. Well this worked fine, until one day the family cat decided to start playing with my arrowheads. Long story short, he knocked them over and I stepped on about 4 of them, breaking huge chunks off of them. This just goes to show you never know what kind of dangers your arrowhead collection will face.

Soon after the the incident with my cat, I started looking around for solutions to store and protect my arrowheads. I thought about just putting them in a dresser drawer, but I wanted something that was going to really protect them. Not long after, I was in a Native American gift shop and the owner told me they had these arrowhead display cases that look perfect for the job.

I now have a ton of different arrowhead display cases I’ve collected over the years. Most serious collectors will tell you that they are an essential part of the hobby and I have to agree. Without them, you are risking damage to artifacts that are basically irreplaceable.

Buying Arrowhead Display Cases

Our website makes finding and buying arrowhead display cases an easy and simple process. View our listings in the center of the page and click on any that interests you. You will then be redirected to the auction page with more details about the display case, including details and pricing.

Arrowhead display cases are not all made the same. One of the most important details you want to know about them before you buy is the size. Display cases are made in many different sizes to fit collections of any size. Also, most display cases have a soft, felt back. This felt backing keeps your arrowheads from getting scratched. I always buy cases that have this backing to help give my arrowheads just a bit more protection.