Arrowhead Facts and Information

Arrowheads are one of those unique collectibles that most people have seen at some point in their life, either in person, in a magazine, or on T.V. Their rich history and craftsmanship make them one of the more popular relics from the past to collect. With that said, few people know the real history and details about arrowheads, or how collecting them became a popular hobby shared by thousands worldwide.

Overview of Arrowheads

many arrowheadArrowheads have been used by hunting tribes and civilizations for tens of thousands of years. Before the invention of gunpowder and firearms, hunters would create and attach sharp points to their arrows and spears, allowing them to have a more lethal hunting weapon. While the materials and construction process varied, most arrowheads were made using either bone or rock. This created both a durable and sharp point that could easily disable an animal when hit. Without these vital tools, hunting would have been much more difficult to say the least.

Most people assume that Native Americans were the first civilization to use arrowheads. After all, that’s usually how arrowheads are portrayed in film and other media. While they were certainly the first ones in America to use them, historians and archaeologists believe other civilizations used them before the Native Americans. So, what civilizations and cultures used arrowheads before them? Several European civilizations such as the Romans crafted and used arrowheads as well. Unlike previous arrowheads made of bone, theirs were oftentimes crafted using a strong metal like bronze or steel. This gave the arrowhead increased durability, strength and most importantly, weight. Basic physics will tell you that the more an object weighs, the greater velocity it will have when traveling through the air.

How Old Are Arrowheads?

There’s no denying the fact that arrowheads have a long, rich history behind them. In fact this is what draws many people into the hobby of hunting and collecting them, but just how old are they? Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell who the first human being to craft an arrowhead is or when they did it. Although, recently there was a report of a stone projectile being found in South Africa that dated back nearly 64,000 years ago, which would make it the oldest projectile point ever discovered!

While you probably won’t stumble across any projectile point that dates back over 60,000 years, you can certainly find some nice specimens if you know where to look. Successfully finding arrowheads takes both skill and a little bit of luck. However, once you’ve found one, you can bet others are around somewhere.

Why Arrowhead Collecting is Popular

Unless you’re an active collector, you might be wondering why people would want to collect arrowheads. The hobby of collecting arrowheads has been around for quite some time. People always want to collect items from the past which can’t be easily found or reproduced, such as arrowheads. In fact, studies have shown that we as humans have are driven to collect, share and display items with one another. Some people choose to collect cars, while others collect arrowheads and artifacts.

Arrowheads come in all different shapes, sizes, construction, and even history behind them. This is another welcoming aspect of the hobby. Knowing that you have a rare arrowhead found only in a few locations of the world can be an exciting feeling for many collectors.

If you want to take your arrowhead collecting hobby seriously, you need to do a few things. For starters, always document the arrowheads in your collection. This means going through and and labeling each and every one of them with a number and writing the corresponding number down in a notebook. Next to the number, you can include information such as the history of the arrowhead, where is was found, the price you paid, etc. This will make it easy for you to know just what exactly is in you collection. In addition, this information will increase the value and overall selling price of your arrowheads.

Another important part of collecting arrowheads is proper storage. Arrowhead display cases are a great way of keeping your arrowheads safe, clean and protected from outside elements. These display cases typically have a soft, felt bottom with a glass top that allows you to still be able to view your collection.

Arrowheads are a relic of the past and collecting them can be a fun and rewarding experience. Now that you know the basics about arrowheads, go  ahead and start your collection today!