Arrowheads For Sale at The Arrowhead Shop

Arrowheads For Sale at The Arrowheads Shop

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Picture of multiple arrow headsHere at, we offer more than just a convenient way to buy arrowheads; the staff and myself are experienced arrowhead collectors who enjoy sharing this knowledge with our visitors. Some of the topics we’ve covered include hunting for arrowheads, how to buy arrowheads and much more.

Overview of Arrowheads and Their Uses

While there are countless variations and designs, the most basic definition for an arrowhead is that it’s a sharpened projectile tip used for making spears, arrows, tridents and other deadly hunting weapons. For thousands of years, they were used as a vital tool of survival by people from all parts of the world. From the Native Americans to the ancient Greek Empire, civilizations everywhere depended on the use of arrowheads to hunt and acquire food. With such a long, rich history, it’s no wonder collecting arrowheads is such a popular hobby.

Typically, arrowheads are crafted and sharpened out of stone, however metal, wood and even bone arrowheads have been discovered as well. In fact, many Roman arrowheads were crafted from hardened metals, such bronze, copper and steel.

Connecting the Arrowhead

Arrowheads are usually attached to the shaft an arrow using a tang, cap or by inserting the blunt-end into a split in the shaft. If the arrowhead is attached with the split-shaft method, it’s usually reinforced by wrapping wire, straw or some other tough yet versatile material around it. This helps secure the arrowhead to the shaft, preventing it from slipping out of place.

The purpose of an arrowhead is simply to create a more effective hunting weapon. Imagine how well an arrow or spear would work without a sharp tip. Not good at all, right? With a sharp arrowhead on the end of it, however, it becomes a more effective and deadly weapon.

Collecting Arrowheads

Learning and appreciating the past is as important as history itself. It’s said that if you don’t learn about the past, mistakes made in history will repeat themselves. Each arrowhead carries a long rich history and story behind it, dating back to an era before modern weapons were invented. If you find an arrowhead in the U.S., you may be excited knowing it was possibly used by a Native American hundreds of years ago as a tool for their survival.

Whether your a long-time arrowhead collector, or someone just looking to start a new hobby, collecting arrowheads is a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some tips to follow when starting your collection:

  • Study – Learning about arrowheads, including time periods, civilizations and tribes, is important when it comes to collecting arrowheads. Read up on books, magazines, online resources (including our website) and even local vendors.
  • Organize – When you start an arrowhead collection, always keep it organized. You can do this by cataloging your arrowheads, including information such as the date of the arrowhead, the tribe that likely to have used it, the price you paid for it and any other information you cam find.
  • Storage – Storing your arrowheads is also an important part of the hobby, as it will preserve your pieces for years to come. Look for containers which are air-proof and seal tightly. Glass arrowhead display cases offer the highest level of protection protection, while allowing you to view your arrowheads anytime you want.

We know how difficult it can be to find a good selection of arrowheads for sale, which is why we created this site – to make finding and buying arrowheads a simple process. We encourage you to browse through our arrowhead listings and learn more about the subject on our website. Thanks again for visiting!